This is an overview of the services available.  Though your massage will be tailored to your needs and concerns many clients like to know what certain services entail and request that I focus on a certain service for a longer period of time than usual.
Please note that the Ionic Foot Bath and the Partial and Full Salt Glows are not not included in the Integrative Massage Program price as they require extra and materials.
Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is a light massage with long strokes over the body. It promotes blood flow and assists in eliminating toxins and stress from the body.

Deep Tissue MassageDeep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue allows me to explore muscular issues on a deeper level. Many common issues stem from muscles that cannot be reached from just a cursory "rub down". In addition Deep Tissue Massage is found to cause deep relaxation as it causes the release of endorphins a chemical that is three times stronger than morphine.

Hot Stone MassageHot Stone Massage

This technique is used to warm the muscles and increase the blood flow to them. It helps relax the body calm the mind and prepare the body for deep tissue massage.


Reflexology is a technique that is applied to the hands and feet, but it's effects are felt throughout the body. Though the reason why reflexology works is still a mystery to modern society it is thought to do with the large amount of nerve endings in these areas. Specific areas of the hands and feet are linked to corresponding places in the body. By massaging these specific areas your body responds favorably.

Neuromuscular TherapyNeuromuscular Therapy

This therapy is based on knowing how the muscular and nervous systems interact. This knowledge lets me understand why problems may be occurring in your body. I then use this knowledge to treat problems that general massage techniques miss.

Myofacial TherapyMyofacial Therapy

Facia is the connective tissue that makes the miracle of your body possible. It surrounds your muscles, runs through them, becoming the tendons, ligaments and even the periosteum around your bones. Your facia can get cold, hard and lose it's flexability. Normal massage techniques don't begin to change those problems. A massage would not be complete without addressing such an important tissue. This process of directly addressing your facia is called Myofacial Therapy.

Trigger Point TherapyTrigger Point Therapy

This method of massage is instrumental in releasing those sore muscles. When your muscle gets so tight that it makes a hard spot that is called a trigger point. To treat these points I use patterns of pressure. These patterns are designed to work with the natural flow of blood in your body to release those trigger points that hurt so much


Active Stretching TherapyActive Stretching Therapy

Stretching plays a large part in your muscular health. Giving attention to this important piece of your health is vital. Throughout the massage I stretch your muscles after they have been worked. This allows you to leave the massage feeling longer, taller, and that much healthier.

Facial MassageFacial Massage

Massaging the face can help to deeply relax a person and bring their massage that final touch that others have lacked. In addition the facial muscles can hold tension that can contribute to headaches. Finally massage can help prevent new tension lines and wrinkles from appearing. This is done by relaxing the muscles and stimulating the blood vessels under the skin.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome PreventionCarpal Tunnel Syndrome Prevention

Your hands are so important. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome plagues many in this computer driven society. It causes pain, numbness, and loss of movement. Many have even turned to surgery to fix it. I use specialized techniques that help you evade this modern enemy.

Sports MassageSports Massage

When you are sore from an activity, not pressure from the everyday, the muscles reactions are different and so they require a different type of massage. This is Sports Massage. I have a lot of experience with this type of massage as I have worked with bodybuilders, triathlon participants, football players, tennis players, golfers, and of course the WEEKEND WARIOR!

Prenatal MassagePrenatal Massage

With so many changes that your body is undergoing you are due for something that will help you through this transformation. I have good news! I can help soothe aching backs and ... did I mention aching backs? I even have a special pillow that allows you to lay face down baby belly and all. Massage increases circulation so those shoes you wore in may feel a little roomier on the way out. Also since the baby is affected by what you feel (your body releases endorphins which help you relax during massage) you are teaching your child how to relax. Something you may find helpful down the line, at night possibly.
Massage is not advised during your first trimester of pregnancy. If you are in your first trimester congradulations! Please keep me in mind for a little later.

Infant MassageInfant Massage

This has been found to:
Improves digestion
Increases weight gain
Increases neural development & motor skills
Reduces colic symptoms (decreases constipation)
Improves sleep
Promotes bonding
Develops non-verbal communication

Ionic Foot BathIonic Foot Bath

This amazing detoxifying program helps you to be the healthiest you possible. It does this by helping you rid your body of the harmful toxins within itself. Free of these toxins your body can function more as it is supposed to. This process is painless, relaxing and is known to make people feel better, or as many of them have told me "lighter", immediately.

Full Body Salt Glow with Hot Stones and Hydrating Body ButterFull Body Salt Glow with Hot Stones

Reward yourself with this therapeutic full body exfoliation experience. For centuries salt has been said to have curative properties when used for wounds, body aches, and muscle sprains. It is believed to draw toxins from overworked muscle tissue. Release the tensions of your daily activities as you relax. A thorough exfoliating treatment is massaged all over your body, using a blend of salt, massage oil and a blend of essential oils. After applied your body is wrapped and hot stones are applied while you enjoy foot, hand and head massage. Your experience continues as I use a warm towel to wipe off the salt mixture and massage you with moisturizing oil. This process leaves your skin satiny, and leaves you muscles and mind soothed.

Partial Salt Glow with Hot Stones and Hydrating Body ButterPartial Salt Glow with Hot Stones

A younger cousin to the full body salt glow, the partial salt glow focuses only on your back. As enjoyable as ever this salt glow is added to your normal massage and gives you the best of both worlds. Once again a mixture of salt, massage oil and essential oils are blended to your specific tastes. This mixture is then massaged into your back and covered. Hot stones are applied to your back and the massage moves on to the rest of your body. The salt mixture is then wiped off and a thorough massage of your back ensues. The massage is then finished by a relaxing facial massage.